Last week at the current barn.

Sunday I'm moving Dassah to a new barn. One less indoor (we are so spoiled!) but she'll have a run-out attached to her stall and free-choice hay. I'm going to miss 14 miles of trails but there's plenty of farmland around the new place so I'm not worried.

We had a great ride today - whole warmup was on the buckle as well as a short ride around the pastures. We went to the front grass outdoor and grazed a bit (she, not me).

After that we went back to the outdoor and I set up a short course of low cavelletti and an l-shaped obstacle. We sidepassed down the long cavelletto, performed either a turn on the forehand or haunches (depending which way we were going) and then sidepassed down the short cavelletto. Then a semi-relaxed trot over a couple very short crosspoles. She didn't flinch a bit at any of it and had ears pricked the whole time. We went around until I had her relaxed and easy (we're trying Laura!!!!). She's so eager to canter - she slipped into it once on the flat - such smooth transitions into and out of!! - and another after popping over one of the cavelletti. It's so nice to have her (mostly) relaxed but ready to canter.


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