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XC Schooling at Twin Towers

So sad. 
But I have witnesses! 
Log? yawn.  Double log? double yawn Cantering into the water and jumping up the bank out? Ooo, fun. Check Cantering to the water and jumping down the bank in? Check Giant stone wall? Check Giant dry bank? DragonMare practically dragged me to the edge Giant hanging log with lots of air and stones underneath? Check Ditches? Check Canter the ditches? Check Crazy looky vertical with wide ground line? Ok, so we had a refusal but it was more of her going, "Uh Sarah, where do I put my legs?" and then it was all "no prob Sarah, we got this" after that.  Ramp-ish widely-spaced log fence? Childsplay Log drop fence? Check Log drop fence to wide hogsback? checkity check check check

DragonMare was even referenced as a "brave event horse" in the making. She launched over the log drop fence, realized the error of her ways, didn't care, and with me scrambling on top, took me straight the to the wide hogsback. After …

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