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Super excitedly totally chill.

Stone Gate Farm Fall Recognized Trials, BN, here I come!

Dassah's eye is s-l-o-w-l-y healing. No gross pic because I apparently cannot take one picture in the the past two weeks of my horse. You are welcome. Just pretend it's getting better.

Here's kitty pic instead.

What better way to celebrate than to sign up for your first recognized trials ever?! As riders/eventers, I think we can all agree that makes perfect sense.

In a completely serendipitous moment prior to signing up, I snagged a pair of Tredstep Michaelangelo field boots on eBay for a song and *cue angels singing* they fit me like they were custom made. I have had my search going for two years, if not more, and FINALLY I hit the jackpot. When you've got skinny ankles and skinny calves (although my thighs more than make up for that) and giant ogre feet (how a 5'3" girl gets size 9 feet, I will never know), finding boots is a nightmare. Oof. Anyway, trust me they are beautiful. And I may have toyed wit…

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