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I found "Becky Bean Writes" through Mugwump  and if you haven't read either, you need to get on it asap. Like pronto. Mugwump is an gifted storyteller and trainer/equestrian. Becky is a gifted writer and equestrian in her own right.

I digress.

Becky had to put down her gorgeous grey gelding, Caspian, earlier this month and writes about it here, " Bring the kleenexes as it's one of the most profound and honest stories regarding euthanizing your best friend.

At the very least, I encourage you to give her your condolences, we will all face this day and a beautiful gift that comes from blogging is the ability to share experiences with people who know what it feels like. As animal owners, her experience is one we already face, maybe are facing currently, and will undoubtedly face sooner than should be.

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