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Edited to add: Comments on orphanage situation

So you may have seen from my Facebook page that I recently went to China. It's been 10 years in the making but I finally decided to go with a group called Go.Be.Love International, formerly known as Visiting Orphans.

It was a 10 day trip originally scheduled to be in an orphanage but the government has closed the doors of all orphanages to foreign visitors. So plans changed. Instead we visited three cities and three separate organizations dedicated to helping special needs children. I'm not involved in special needs advocacy so this was all new to me.

FWIW, as a result of this trip I'm totally on board with advocating for parents and care-takers of special needs children.

Here's a quick recap:

Beijing --> Fuxin --> Shenyang --> Beijing. We went from Beijing to Fuxin via a 5hr bullet train ride and 3 hour bus ride. Then to Shenyang via 3 hour bus ride and then back to Beijing on the bullet train. What? You are not …

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