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And yesterday makes 4

Just in case you were thinking I had an amazing horse and was an amazing rider, let me throw this at you!

I have fallen off my horse and a pony a total 4 times in the last 11 days.

Imma break this down.

11 days ago I was schooling in the outdoor dressage arena. Dassah spooked during our long-and-low warmup and I came off at M. Thanks to my diligent efforts to stay on, the saddle slipped and she made a fast exit at A to go running around a front pasture with the saddle underneath her. This is not the first time that has happened. Last time that happened, it was at a show two years ago. So you know, at least it wasn't at a show? Also. Yes. Am tightening up my girth more now. 8 days ago during our last mini-trials bestie AC and I visited a friend of hers. Who happens to have a daughter who shows in mounted games on a couple of ponies. 2 glasses of wine and I jumped at the invitation to ride one. So off I go on an 11 hand Welsh pony. I fell off after handing off a baton. You read that …

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