Ft. Worth Photo Dump

Once upon a time (or this past weekend) two girls (me and a friend) went to a far off land where boys wear cowboy boots to weddings, every Uber driver is a retiree, and the TexMex food is made of dreams. Also, the boys are quiiiiite handsome. Yowzers.

I call this place Fort Worth, TX.


Oooooooo Fountains and French Country/Texas Ranch Fancy Style. I'll have me some of that!

We asked for some tequila drink and this is in fact, a gallon jar.
jk. 2 quarts. BUT HOLY HELL RAZOOS!! Everything is big in TX.

I clean up good. K does not like her pic out in public so she gets a big ol' blue painted face. 

Check out these lovely ladies. When in TX, go big or go home.
That said, I cannot WAIT to wear these again. SO hot!

Best Old Fashioned there ever lived.
ACRE Distillery 

Distillery tasting! Vodka, whisky, bourbon, gin, vodka, bourbon, gin. I bought the one with the purple label - Miss Addie's - it's a vodka infused with black tea, blackberry, and sage. #sodangerous

Lots of glasses but only a few sips each. The last one was a cinnamon vodka that would pair well with apple cider. 

Check out that breakfast! STUFF MADE OF HEAVEN!

Oatmeal with a side of "do you want toast with that butter"? YUM YUM YUM

In the airport. Just a captured a small portion of a long piece. SO COOL!
Made friends, hopefully no enemies, and had an all around nice time. You're not too bad Texas- in the winter, with no humidity and a nice breeze, after a couple drinks, and when there's an absence of UT fans. 😀😀😀😀😀

The end!


  1. Omg I want to eat all of that food so badly now.

  2. What a fun trip, those fountains look beautiful!


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