Fall Catch-Up and photo-dump!

  • Dassah and I completed our first Novice Recognized HT at JumpStart! 
  • Dassah got cellulitis in right hind
  • Dassah got scratches in right hind
  • I went to India for a week to celebrate a friend's wedding
  • Dassah still has residual swelling but scratches are going away
  • Nobody's getting turnout right now because the fields are too wet
  • Why does it have to get cold and dark now?
Here are pics of us on xc and in sj - we are like, TOTAL badasses now. 
(someone had to move to a twisted snaffle bc she's too big for her britches)

Derp much? 

Then three days after getting home, Dassah got hit with a massive case of cellulitis. 
Unhappy bebe

Fancy Pants Francis enjoying our new home

Ollie's favorite perch outside

My scrumptious little nuggin

Monkee helped get me some saddle time. He did not approve.

Ponies outside Mysore, India

Mysore Summer Palace Wall Painting

A Mysore Palace Courtyard

A Mysore Palace Hall

My new folk-throwback-alt band with an ancient Mahogany tree at Mysore

Bangalore from hotel rooftop

Coconut water is AMAZING. I don't like coconut milk but this stuff, straight OG life water

Took this pic with my nose. The wrap part of a mani-pedi.

Just a cow. In a road

Just a few cows. On the median.

Certain parts of any city are rough. Other parts are beautiful, like this one in Bangalore en route to our yoga lesson

When we party, we saree. Celebrating a beautiful (in all aspects) couple with 1,199 others. 

1/8th of the wedding reception

Not going to lie. This was magical.

And only us westerners were taking pics of the place. Everyone else understood it as normal. 


The married couple's dinner table

Part of a map painting on a wall. 

Wall mural - cows and dogs EVERYWHERE

As spotted in the Bangalore airport

Ollie's favorite snoozing spot

Somepuppy was happy to have me home!


  1. That India trip looks awesome! Glad the cellulitis and scratches is going away!

    1. I haven't even mentioned the food *droool.

  2. Omgggggg you guys look incredible!!! Congratulations !!!! Hope the cellulitis has cleared too!

    1. AW Thanks EMMA!!! That's high praise and I've got to say, you've definitely been an inspiration.

      As for cellulitis, I hate it with a thousand passions and want it to die die die!


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