All moved

So I moved the mare. At the end of last summer she would walk right into the trailer - this was the first load of the year though and she was a stinker. The wonderful thing about her though is that she has a soft eye throughout every situation. She will keep working with me even though she's unsure. The trailer ride was only about 15 minutes but she arrived completely drenched in sweat. I let her graze alongside the barn for awhile - as long as she has grass she could care less where she is. There are run-outs attached to each stall (Hubs and I figured about 16 stalls) and I couldn't be more happy. Dassah's in an end stall which makes me happy too - feels more private. I left her with a ton of hay and she seemed to be settling in well - as on her face was buried in the flakes.

The next day I went out and she had pooped, had been drinking (H2O that is), and had taken a good roll. Man that mare loves to get covered in mud. Girl has a trumpet - she'll give a deep throaty nicker when she sees me, a regular nicker when she thinks someone is calling her, and then she has this trumpet. It's like an elephant trumpet but not so tinny. You'll go deaf for a second if you are leading her when she sounds her version of a fog-horn. Point is she had stopped trumpeting and seemed at peace with her new crib.

Saturday we had a very relaxing ride in the indoor and Sunday we kept it simple and I "tortured" her on the ground with a giant exercise ball - she stayed with me on a loose lead the entire time and she eventually allowed me to bump it against her legs while standing still. Such a game girl.

Trainer at the barn is going to be teaching me how to jump correctly and eventually Dassah too! BN (ok really I hope our official debut is at Novice - oh the big dreams I have :D) here we come!!


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