Where have the weeks gone?

I have been swamped with work and classes. The countdown is on for the end of the quarter (*insert sad face, last quarter ever at OSU) and my head is about to explode. All I want to do is sleep. And then I get stressed because sleeping is a waste when I have homework, quizzes, midterms/finals, presentations, projects, papers, group meetings, employees to manage, customers to appease, work, phone calls, e-mails, voicemails. Oh, what's that? Over-painting the picture? Well, I'm not done! I haven't mentioned my horse or my husband or my friends!

Nevertheless, I have managed to cuddle with the hubs, make him coffee, NOT do any laundry/dishes/cleaning, and reconnect during all this stress. He's my hero for his complete support of me right now, even when it means I'm racing out to the barn when I could be spending time with him. I think Rolex has helped shape his perspective, not that he was never ever completely supportive of me, but I think he really gets my enthusiasm. God love him.

Hadassah has received less than stellar attention from me, but I think my BM is doing a fantastic job in my place. Dassah managed to gouge her right elbow earlier this week and while I didn't feel like fainting, I distinctly remember emitting a feeble call to the BM who was a couple stalls over. I remember it sounded like a squeak but apparently she heard me as she was over in a flash and soothingly telling me it didn't need stitches and it would be a-ok. Apparently WellHorse is a miracle worker because the next day it looked so much better and two days later it was almost sealed up. I'm buying that asap.

The flies have been horrible and although the BM has been spraying them before every turnout, I just can't bring myself to buy the heavy duty spray - too many warnings and environmental concerns for me. So I'm buying a fly sheet. Amigo Bug Buster to be exact. SmartPak to the rescue! Of course I don't measure her correctly and the first one sent out was too small, I've a size up waiting for me at the barn so I'm very hopeful. Too bad I haven't been able to go out BECAUSE OF SCHOOL! AGGHHHH. I hate school. I love school. I hate it. It's so awesome. It sucks. I'm going to grad school, that's so cool! If I wanted to be cool I'd just buy a pair of Ray-Bans. I didn't mean that type of cool. Too cool for school! *bangs head on desk. Yes. This is my brain, on stress.

At any rate, I've been reading, in my spare time (by which I mean restroom breaks on my smartphone) (not peeing on my smartphone!), this lady's thoughts on softness and relaxation and while I read and re-read her posts, I'm having a tough job of integrating that into my riding sessions. I just can't seem to find where Dassah feels soft. She just feels like a bulldozer. Obviously we'll continue to work on that but of course I thought that once I had the idea in my head, it would be manifested immediately in our work together.

More later.


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