Apparently jumps aren't scary anymore

Dassah and I were in the outdoor arena on a lovely Saturday afternoon this past weekend and well, Dassah-mare apparently could care less about objects in her path and has no fear going over them.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B (context - I had her on a loose rein while I was taping two other horses in the adjacent pasture)

Dassah was all like, "What the? Getoutomyway jump"

This is huge for us - I didn't think anything of it was we walked down the long side as I knew she would go around it. But it was no biggie to her, she's all, "whatever yo, I'm going this way no matter what."

Of course two days later in a lesson we're practicing two-point over a cross-rail and my puffed-up self totally blew it because I just pointed her at it and forgot to ride her over it, so she called my bluff that time and daintily trotted around it!


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