Dassah's got style

I wish I had more pictures of me on Dassah but alas, it's not to be just yet. The Boo came with me a couple weeks ago to a lesson but fell under the spell of one of the barn cats and as I was in a lesson, I couldn't very well stop and say "HEY YOU, forget the CAT, focus on ME!"

Any way, here's Dassah sporting her gorgeous leather bridle that only took me a year to get her nameplate on!

Isn't she a beaut?!!!!

Here she is snoozing in the indoor while her best buddy ever (or so she would have you think but Rosie from another barn would protest) keeps watch.

And being blanket nuisances.

she was so.dirty. Like rained on then rolled in mud and topped off by a coat of arena sand dirty.
dirty ball. She has no lady-like traits whatsoever.


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