And back to reality

Someone was a witch mare during yesterday's lesson and then bit HER OWNER as we were untacking.

The Red Beast: Oh hmm, I hate life. I hate being ridden, I hate circles, I hate bending, I hate going left, I hate going forward, I hate transitions. I hate massages. I hate my stall (truth, she stood out in torrential rain I hate relaxing. My girth is removed, my bridle is off, she's so unsuspecting. This will teach her to use that ring finger to tip my nose to the inside. sideways look at Sarah's elbow. hope she cries. CHOMP. 
TRB left a tooth mark. It's an incisor mark. (Her dentist was very clear that no, it's not a molar, it's an incisor. - which, let's face it, I care but I don't. I will care when I'm less pissed at my demon horse).

Yeah, yesterday's lesson was SuckFest 2013. For weeks now I've been massaging her neck before we work and she loves it, licking, chewing, yawning, the works. She's powerless against the magic forces of my massage-wizard fingers. Yesterday she couldn't have said, "F#@$-off a$$hole" any louder or clearer. I'll be honest, those words stung a bit. They hit deep. The horse-loving little girl inside felt it.

I felt less targeted when she gave the stink-eye to every horse there but then it hurt to be lumped in with everyone else. sarcastic tear.

I have her on SmartPak's SmartMare Harmony and she did rather well with it last year so I started extra early this year to help with spring heats so I was really hoping this wasn't that. If this is that, then this totally sucks. Follow that.

She was nasty! So mean! I am really pissed. Usually I go straight to, "Uh oh, something's hurting her. She's in pain and trying to communicate that" and usually, that's the case. This time though, I can't even dredge up a smidge of sympathy/compassion. I will tomorrow, I might even later today. I just want to be mad for awhile.


  1. Wow, you are so intriguing, Sarah! I have always admired the relationship that a rider has to have with their horse. It is so beautiful and intimate. I'm sorry it was a rough day with your mare, but the picture of her in the rain is beautiful.


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