This crappy winter... is working for me.

So I love the snow. Snow, yay! Pretty scenery, everything looks clean and picturesque.

I hate the ice. Danger everywhere! Everybody locked inside, including horses (not actually)

What happened this winter? OH RIGHT. Snow, ice, snow! Snow that melted and became ice on top of ice!

What does this mean? lots of picturesque-ness to ride in but ONLY NOT. No place outside to ride because it's a disaster everywhere. Horses are crazy because they can't go outside so we're relegated to riding in the indoor, only no one has any fitness so we're lunging, only we're so tired of lunging. I did rig up some Vienna/Lauffer reins so there is that new fun thing to do. woot. (that's a slightly sarcastic woot).

HOWEVER. I'm in my last semester of school. Come May 3, I'll have completed my master's and I will be DONE!!! So this means this semester is crazy busy. I mean, insane. I'm working full time AND taking a major load of classes so I can be done. This means my brain is fried. Blitzed, only not on alcohol, just on stress. My dopamine and serotonin levels are dried up. So, I'm ok with this weather for the most part. I wish my horse got out, I wish I has having fun riding, but since I really can't because of school and being exhausted all the time, I'm ok with this. I feel a little bit of relief that I don't have to feel guilty for not making it out to ride, or for only having enough time to pick stalls/water/hay on the weekend afternoons (no worries, someone else handles during the weeks and morning and evening on the weekends).

This time allows me to buckle down and churn out lots of work, or at least recover from actual work and school work. So hopefully, once the weather gets better, I can spend TONS of time at the barn!

So thank you crappy weather. I hate you and appreciate you all at the same time.


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