Blog Hop - What would you NOT do?

Thank you Equestrian Journey for this blog hop!

"We all like to share on our blogs what we do with our horses and what we would like to do, but I want to know what you will NOT do. For example I will not carry a bag of feed into the middle of a herd of horses, especially if I don't know some of them. I will not teach my horse to rear on purpose. I will not ride my horse into a field full of loose horses that could kick me in the leg and break it. Things like that. I look forward to hearing what you have to share! I could probably think of more examples, but I need to go to sleep. :)"

So, what would I NOT do?
  • Go riding without my helmet. I usually won't even lunge without a helmet on. If I'm working a horse, I'm wearing a helmet! 
  • Stand right behind a horse and dance around. 
  • Order a saddle online without sending in wither tracings and/or having a saddle fitter out. 
    • (oops. broke that rule.... let's fix that)
  • Order a saddle online without sending in wither/back tracings and/or having a saddle fitter out UNLESS it's a MAJOR steal and sometimes you gotta snatch that shiz up. And if it's a bust, you will likely break even because that was an insane deal. like whoa. more on this later..
  • I will not put myself before my horse. Unless there are brownies involved. 
  • I'd like to say there's a lot more I would not do, but that's unrealistic. It's unrealistic in that at some point, I will do something stupid and ask my horse to do something that they are not prepared for. I will screw up, I will make mistakes. I will not operate without grace and forgiveness for myself and my horse. I will not let those mistakes and screw ups go by without learning from them. 


  1. yep - this is kinda hilarious. i definitely have that feeling of 'nope will NEVER do this, except, ya know, if it's like THAT....' lol. and brownies. will do almost anything for brownies... last point sums it up nicely :)

  2. :) So glad you stopped by! Love reading about your adventures with Isabel.

  3. I am definitely a stickler for a helmet too. When I was a teenager...not so much! :)

  4. LOL!!!!! I would do anything for brownies too!!!!! This cracked me up. Thanks for joining the blog hop!

    1. :) Glad you hosted one!! Great idea.


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