TOABH: 18 on the 18th.

TOABH: 18 on the 18th.

Eighteen on the Eighteenth.
In honor of Archie's 18th birthday, tell me 18 things you love about your horse.

(Great idea Beka! Never too many opportunities to reiterate and affirm our appreciation and love for our horses!)

1 - I love her chestnut-yness! So bright!

2 - I love her brave spirit - she might think my ideas are dumb as sh$% but she'll (eventually) do whatever it is I want. 

3 - I love her long luscious tail

4 - I love her shnuffles when I'm crouched over pulling on my too tight chaps or trying to take a picture

5 - I love her zest for keeping it real and down to earth. 

6 - I love how she is not afraid to psych me out every now and then (Just before this picture was taken, she and Seeky had us convinced they were going to sit tight while we tried to open a door in the arena. Only they didn't.)

7 - I love her dedication to all things food. 

8 - I love her fuzzy ears

9 - I love her grouchy attitude because she's telling me she's no pushover and she has rights too! Like the right to not be photographed in poor lighting.

10 - I love that star, stripe, and snip on her face. It used to be a perfect outline of the Grinch. Scout's honor.

11 - I love her desire to run, run, run!

12 - I love her general ambivalence to tack. She doesn't mind figure-8s, regular cavessons, hunt-seat tack, western tack, boots, blankets, etc.

13 - I love how (usually) when I fall off, she stays close by - there's a 75% chance she's not going anywhere. Especially grateful the time I broke my foot.

14 - I love her big brown eyes. (note the hay sticking out of her mouth) also - no keepers on my full-cheek. les horrors!

15 - I love LOVE her work ethic. She's a bit bratty if we've had a break but when I'm continuously riding, she's continuously impressing me.

16 - I LOVE her trail riding attitude when we're with other horses. She's a bit self-protective when we're alone but add another horse and she's a "yep, can do, will do" kinda mare. We just went on a 2 hour trail ride through fox-hunting territory right outside the farm and aside from two spooks, she was on the buckle and plodding along. Went past cows and goats, through a river/very large creek (over her knees in spots), through woods, and up and down hills. She was so good!

17 - I love her lineage: She's got racing quarterhorses/TBs on her dam's side and racing TBs on her sires's side (Dr. Fager and here) She's got QH hips and TB speed.

18 - Most of all, I love how we've worked hard and long at becoming the best team we can. I love her willing attitude and desire to please, she's no saint but she's all horse and all mine


  1. she sounds like an awesome mare :) love those red ears!


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