So tired of sitting at a desk

If only all the energy I spend visualizing riding, dreaming of how to ride better, imagining how to fix my position issues, and fantasizing over plans to get Dassah fit ACTUALLY meant those things were happening. 

It's a seriously upside down situation where I spend more time day-dreaming than actually riding. WHY can't I make all these improvements with my mind??? 

The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization #819

Of course I feel this way because my ride last night was one hot no-softness spectacular mess. We have improvements to make PEOPLE, IMPROVEMENTS TO MAKE! THERE'S NO TIME FOR A DAY JOB!!!


  1. I suffer from this syndrome also. stupid day jobs. why can't we get paid to ride our own horses all day?????????

  2. ugh yup. i could have written this too.... the struggle is real. tho i really do try and tell myself that visualizing success sorta kinda works too?? or at least it's better than nothing?

    1. I do think I've read where sports psychologists tell you to visualize winning the round, to visualize doing everything right, instead of imagining it all go wrong.

      So.... I guess us desk jockey's have a leg up there!

  3. Hahaha! I've often said if I didn't have horses to pay for, I'd probably just work part-time at McDonalds.


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