Keeping it real

In the past two weeks, here's what has happened. The good, bad, and ugly. :

  • Bad, Ugly: Dassah ripped the lunge line out of my hands and went on a sprint-about on the street. Went back to the barn thanks to a driver who laid on his horn (I wasn't happy but it worked). No injuries. Successfully got her and then lunged and rode a very polite horse. 
  • Good: Went on a hunter pace and among many others, we jumped a tire jump and went up and down a drop-bank, no problem. Lots of jumping, cantering, trotting, Totes fun. 7 1/2 miles. 1.5 hours. 
  • Good: Went on a trail ride with friends, jumped our first coops, had a blast. 5 miles, 1.5 hours (just took it slow). One of my new acquaintances remarked on my beautiful and well-behaved 3/4-bred. Felt serious pride. 
  • Bad, Ugly: Yesterday had a lovely flat session then schooled a ditch in the field (mare did not like it at all but eventually acquiesced). I fell off when she got spooked by a neighbors chicken or a wild turkey making chicken noises. Landed on the freshly mown hay (softest landing yet) #nomorepride. Dassah sprinted back to the barn and did a quick review of the road before being shooed into the barn paddock. I walked the half mile back to the barn (BO himself jumped in a truck to rescue me), thanked everyone for saving my horse, and then we walked back to the field. I hopped on and had the most obliging pony ever. Schooled the ditch without a hitch and then hacked around the hay field. 
  • Good?: I'm giving myself a day or two to wallow in self-pity and then it's back to work. It helps that falling off wasn't related to getting her to go over the ditch but after. 
We are hopefully going to the local hunt-club's benefit charity show on the 27th. The host site is a beautiful eventing facility and we'll be schooling the xc course with their resident trainer afterwards. 


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    1. Yeah, they are real pieces of work.

  2. Well at least you had a soft landing :( Sorry to hear. Some ice cream and self-pity is definitely called for!

    1. I heartily agree with that! Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, here I come!

  3. those good moments sound pretty awesome actually - maybe Dassah is trying to protect her reputation by behaving beautifully whenever anyone might be watching? bummer about the fall and loose horse situations, tho, and glad it wasn't worse!

    1. Haha hah. She's such a show-off. Anything any other horse does, she has to do better. It works well on xc schooling and paces!

  4. Oye!!! I second the "mares" comment lol

    But yay for some good?


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