BN Stadium Course, check!

Who has two thumbs and four hooves who rocked it on a stadium beg. nov. course?

This girl and her pony. THAT'S WHO!

And here's where I would upload all the pictures and video because who wouldn't have documented this?

Oh, that's right, again - this girl. whomp whomp.

I could cry about it because HELLO, NEVER THOUGHT THAT WOULD HAPPEN.

oh well. *sob.

Our barn hosted a xc and jumper schooling show this weekend. The little sis came with her totes adorable pony, Reagan, and she rocked it on starter and grasshopper. Then we went out and rode doubles for xc in starter and grasshopper and won 2nd (out of two) - lost to the most adorable paint ponies with their 10 year old (or younger!) riders.

Let's also give thanks to the sun-shirt creators. Hands down my most favorite spring/summer/fall shirt ever. 

The rest of the weekend, I was doing this.

So it was win-win all around the weekend, except for the lack of pictures and video.


  1. yay congratulations!!!! bummer there's no video, but still you must be thrilled!

  2. Woo hoo! Congrats! And not a bad way to spend the rest of the weekend either!

    1. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by! Here's to hoping NY can bring you some good times as well.


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