You know what's great?

When your horse and you have matured to a point where stream crossing does not involve flailing about and losing one's mind. Instead your horse and you approach the bank and you give your horse time to think. So she does. She doesn't like the drop down to the stream so she backs away and you nudge her forward and let her think some more. Which she does. Then she slowly figures out how to navigate the tree root jutting out and steps down to the stream. Then she takes a sip of water.

Then she launches across the stream. But at least you were calm and balanced so you didn't come off or get decapitated by the tree branches.

Conformation-esque shots. On a bit of a downhill slope. So really, these are worthless.
She says, "Look at my luscious tail!" 


I'mma going to move now. 

Look at my bootyliciousness


  1. lol the 'calm and balanced' launch is certainly preferable to a couple other options ;)

  2. Good girl crossing the river! Those conformation shots are better than any I can take these days haha

  3. yay for growing up and not getting decapitated!


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