XC Schooling at Twin Towers


So sad. 

But I have witnesses! 

Log? yawn. 
Double log? double yawn
Cantering into the water and jumping up the bank out? Ooo, fun. Check
Cantering to the water and jumping down the bank in? Check
Giant stone wall? Check
Giant dry bank? DragonMare practically dragged me to the edge
Giant hanging log with lots of air and stones underneath? Check
Ditches? Check
Canter the ditches? Check
Crazy looky vertical with wide ground line? Ok, so we had a refusal but it was more of her going, "Uh Sarah, where do I put my legs?" and then it was all "no prob Sarah, we got this" after that. 
Ramp-ish widely-spaced log fence? Childsplay
Log drop fence? Check
Log drop fence to wide hogsback? checkity check check check

DragonMare was even referenced as a "brave event horse" in the making. She launched over the log drop fence, realized the error of her ways, didn't care, and with me scrambling on top, took me straight the to the wide hogsback. After that she decided she didn't need to launch and was a bit more careful about the approach. 

To say I am smitten with this mare is an understatement. We spent the past two years going back to the basics (Jimmy Wofford's Gymnastics Bible) as well as focusing on dressage. All that "boring" hard work paid off in leaps and bounds Saturday. Mare was on and focused - and after every question, she came right back and rode around on the buckle. Now it totally helps that her BF Joey was there (she is in MAD love with him) and I'll take that help! Crush aside, she did all of these without his lead. She took me to every fence and when we had a refusal (2), it was merely a lack of leg on my part and Dassah having learned that if she is hesitant she can stop and it's ok because we'll approach it again. So, we're working on that because apparently jump judges have a thing about giving penalties for previewing a fence before jumping it. :D 

Anyway, basics people, basics. Basics and besties who go through the basics with you and keep encouraging you to stick with it. Well, basics, besties, and Denny Emerson's Facebook page. :D 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was a much needed win for us (and me personally). :D

  2. Eeee so marvelous! You definitely needed this! Well done. :)

  3. Ahhh I love this - and the few pics are such GOOD pics!!! This gives me hope about all the slowwwwwww purposeful basics type stuff I'm doing now paying off later! Dassah sounds like a beast out there!

    1. Thanks Emma! The basics are so painfully slow I never would have lasted this far without my support team. The time we spend attending to the basics is never wasted. We have much more time at the basics still but what you get as a result is awesome! Charlie is going to be an amazeballs eventer!

  4. Yayyy! And man is she looking AWESOME!

    1. Thank you Carly!!! I may or may not still be drooling over the last pic :D

  5. Woohoo! And I agree - she looks great!

    1. Thank you so much! Honestly didn't realize she looked that good until I took the pic, lol


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