Naughty Pony!

See this pony? Face of an angel right? (actually until she was two you could see the profile of the Grinch clearly in her start/stripe/snip. Foreshadowing?)


One hour later pony re-found her deep lineage in Sphukenbohlt. Here are two things that caused a near-dump and run, a mind-melt if you will. 1- A leaf. I freaking kid you not. A leaf. Not a big leaf, just a itty bitty little ol' maple leaf doing it's thing tumbling along the ground. I know it was this because there was nothing else moving. 2 - A squirrel. I saw the squirrel. She saw the squirrel. We both heard the squirrel. It was only when said squirrel changed branches that Spukenbohlt crouched and sprung. I only stayed on because I had 3 secs to predict said outcome. Heels down, deep seat, steady hands. Thing is, she only bolts to the left. If said scary thing is directly to her left, she won't spook right, she just gives it the hairy eyeball.


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