Say hello to Oliver!

Welcome to the house Ollie-boy!

Ollie's a three year old Anatolian Shepherd mix (he's a little smaller than an purebred) - we picked him up from the shelter Saturday morning and he has settled right in. He was scheduled to be euthanized last Wednesday but after a rescue brought him to our attention, well, we couldn't say no. And honestly, how can anyone say no when a rescue says, "Well, he'll be put down tonight otherwise"?

So he's settled riiiight in, except for the whole leaving him at home thing. Which we have to do since, ugh, work. The first time we left him home, we came back to this:

Yep. A little thing called Separation Anxiety. Today we crated him and as of lunchtime, he had only moved the crate a little bit. And he was quiet. Or at least he was when I stood outside and listened.

Frank is not amused by Ollie's separation anxiety. This dog has a set of pipes on him and Frank's world just got real.

Here's Frank on Sunday, before we tried leaving Ollie alone.

Not entirely pissed. Both dozing for a bit.

Here's Frank today. Highest point in the house. He slept on the fridge last night and then decided that was a bit too low.
Frank says this wasn't part of the plan, man. He had a whole house and now he has to share it with a howling beast. NOT AMUSED!

But honestly, how cute is this?
He's such a good boy. Very quiet, polite, attached to your hip, and will wait patiently for you in whatever you are doing. In fact, he'll just take a little nap while he waits iffen ya don't mind. 

We haven't taken him to the barn yet (it's only been several days) but I can't tell you how excited I am to have another dog with me at a barn - it's only been 12 years!


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