Winter Riding Boots FTW!

Hubby got me a pair of Ovation winter riding boots (fleece lined!) for Christmas. I've put them to good use at the barn, walking the dog, and going to work. They rub just above my Achilles on my right leg but I'm going to pretend they are still breaking in. For less than $60, I'm quite happy with them. I didn't have to get larger stirrups either, so that's great.

I'm going to join the millions of people groaning about the weather. I'm not ashamed. It's freaking cold outside. I had to drop Ollie off at the vet this morning before work and it was -15F. That's rotten cold.

You know what else is rotten? This guy.

And that's a glimpse at our fireplace without a mantle. It's been like that since August when I told hubby, in the midst of whole house painting, we should just rip it off because it was hanging on by 5 coats of paint and some nails. I think I said I'd strip it and we would slap it back up. Only that was in August. Anyway, the point of the picture isn't the mantle. It's the dog. In his shaved nether-region glory. He's totally rotten. In a very loving, totally glued-to-your-side, best-dog-ever way. 

He's going to go out to the barn with me this weekend I think. He's ready. 

Speaking of the barn. I've asked my old barn manager (she's not old) if she had a set of side reins I could borrow to test out before getting my own. Project Runaway has been having great success with her mare O and while I am not the horsewoman Andrea is, Sally O'Connor suggests using them and I'd like to give them a go. Dassah loves to bulge her outside shoulder and I've got a hunch side reins would help her track straighter. I know, I know, keep them loose. Anyway, said barn manager said she had a pair and would get them to me.  It sure helps to get to know horse people! 

I really wish stables would start posting their events for the year. The lone facility in all of central Ohio with a cross-country schooling course still has their calendar from last year posted. The Central Ohio Mini-Trials website still has "2013 calendar to come!" on their website (and I totally pointed that out to them last summer and they said they would have one up, only not). My favorite barn's website is down, so no calendar there. Jimmy Wofford and George Morris cliniced there two years ago and I would love for them to come again. The local hunt club still hasn't posted hunter paces yet. I get that it's January. but I want to play! 

Right now the only barns posting any events are hunter barns. And we are not hunters. bummer for us. 

*bangs head on desk. 


  1. Oh, the calendar lag is terrible. I know they're still finalizing everything, but NOW is when I have time to plan and dream and stew over it all. By the time they've got it up in March I'm already having to deal with family stuff and other plans get in the way.


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