It wouldn't be a Monday without....

Sarah biting the dust.

That's right. Officially initiated into the new barn. My header does read, "Trial by fire...err.. Red Mare" (or whatever it reads) so I guess I deserved that.

But seriously. Mare loves her drop and spin. There we were just trucking along on light contact because we've been in the new outdoor arena twice with no issue.

First time under saddle in the arena without a friend though. And there was a pile of brush and fallen tree waay far away. And a dude mowing his lawn. And tall grass outside the arena. With tiny chestnut-mare eating sparrow death-monsters.

She had given me the giraffe neck several times in that area so I had a bit more contact and a deeper seat but I let my guard down for 1 millisecond.

Me: leg, leg, vibrate inside rein just slightly, add leg for impulsion..

Dassah: I see beady eyes.

Me: NO you don't, what you see is my leg stopping you from going sideways.

Dassah: I'm pretty sure those beady eyes are actually death lasers.

Me: NO, NOT death lasers. Birds. Like the ones that built a nest ABOVE YOUR STALL. Nice birds, they were....

Dassah: Ok, but that tiny sparrow is a death monster just look at its GIANT TEETH AAAAAAA DROPSPINRUN!!!!

Me: leg! WTF? Grunt. (that's me hitting the ground on my back)

She trotted around to the other side. I got up, got back on. And schooled a forward march, in front of my legs, forwardly, back and forth by that line until my brain went numb. One more spook there that I sat and she waved the white flag. I hope.

The great thing is, when I get a trainer, I'll be able to show them how exemplary our walk is. Because after last night it's amazing.

Also. Love the new place. She goes out with the two horses on either side of her and when they are taken out to go riding, she calls a little bit but the lady who owns them thought I was nuts for checking to make sure that didn't annoy her. "She's a horse, that's a-ok!"

Also. Everyone there is incredibly nice. Like, go-out-of-their-way-to-be-nice nice. Man, I was not happy at the old place, that's for sure. I really cannot believe my luck/blessing-in-disguise.

On another note: my neck and shoulders are stiff and sore. Thought you should know that. Oh to have bounce-back body of 15 again...

And I'm also caught up on Game of Thrones.


There. Now you know it all.


  1. They do have to test us. Glad you are both settling in so well, though perhaps you should try it a little less literally... ;-)


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