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Yeah, it's been quiet over here but not for lack of anything happening! It's a wordy post with no pictures so feel free to skip over. Takeway: We've moved barns. We're happy.

BO returned from FL winter-stay in May and about 1.5 weeks ago, while I was out at the barn, I ran into her for the second time (not literally). With no further ado after "hello!" from me, I was promptly, and unkindly, notified my mare was a (children, close your ears), "Fucking Bitch, an absolutely Fucking Bitch." and then proceeded to rail at me for 20 minutes about my horse, my ulcer-investigation, and my "absence" from the barn.

This being the first time anyone at the barn has mentioned this to me (or ever in her life), to say I was stunned was an understatement. Dassah mare quickly bonds with another horse and in this very private, very quiet barn, the mare she bonded with was never not by her side. Except the one time this other mare had her feet done. According to BO, Dassah-mare went nuts, screaming and calling and spinning in her stall.

Now I've know my mare will get upset when a stall-mate leaves but none of my other barns have ever indicated it was a problem. Of course if it bothers the other people in the barn, you better believe I want to know about it and figure out a plan of action so she isn't annoying everyone else around. But like I said, no one has ever told me she was annoying, irritating, or a problem. No one in 6 years of boarding.

In fact, the BO didn't say anything to me until that day. No text, no phone-call, nothing.

She ended her....conversation with me by saying we needed to find a new home.


It's her private barn and if she's got a horse that that she doesn't feel is a good fit, then she has every right to ask us to leave. I totally respect that. She doesn't have to take on boarders, she certainly doesn't have to keep a horse she doesn't like. I 100% agree. I am in no way hurt that she told us to go, I'm not angry she told us to go, I'm not upset about it.

What frustrates me though is the "how" of the notification.

On the plus side - I found a barn back on the horse-centric side of the city and it is a diamond in the rough. We've been there all of 4 days and have been welcomed with open arms. Just yesterday on our first venture to the large indoor/outdoor arena complex, we were asked if we wanted to join a short trail ride. UM YES! Dassah and I had a GREAT TIME! We looped around a couple fields, cantered some hills, and gloried in the blue sky, tall grass (that would be Dassah's favorite part), and sweet company. The ladies who I joined were the nicest! We chatted about horses, got to know each other a little bit, and then one of them took us around the arenas so Dassah would have a buddy with her the first time there. Come on! HOW GREAT?!

There's a jumping arena, a designated dressage arena, a large indoor arena, and a round pen AND miles of trails!

I might even have been invited to join in a hunter pace but the wind was blowing and I couldn't tell for sure.

Dassah's stalled across from a gelding she was stalled next too two barns ago (and they made moony eyes at each other when she arrived). The barn is very active (20+horses?) with lots of people coming and going and I think that will suit Dassah very well. She'll also get more than 2-4 hours of turnout so thank you Jesus! AND they didn't bat an eye when I told them she got supplements (I want to add ACV to her diet for the summer and was given the skeptical eye on the two supplements I have right now - G.U.T and Redmond Clay - by the previous BO).

Did I mention they host combined tests/schooling shows and will set up the cross-country course soon?



  1. So, at my last barn, Archie was a total nightmare when the other horse was being ridden. Screaming, racing, galloping up and down the fence line. The BO commented on it a few times, but my response was a pretty blaise "What am I supposed to do about it?" There was only one pasture. I think if they're going to make an issue of a behavioral problem like that, that has identifiable steps to correct (separation, patience, etc), then they either need to give an opportunity to correct the situation ..or stfu. I could see a horse that was destroying things or risking injury. But vocalizing and pacing? Please. Herd animals! They're supposed to care!

    But your new barn sounds amazing, so maybe this was just a lucky opportunity for a better change. Also, I give my horse all sorts of random supplements - in Smartpaks and not. My new BM doesn't bat an eye and hasn't protested at all about my ever-growing collection of beer cans and supplement containers. I like to think that they would rather have a boarder who cares too much than not enough. :)

  2. Exactly Beka - she's a horse! As much as I would have wanted the opportunity to correct (I would think that would be fair enough) - I'm so glad to be out of there.

  3. Sounds like a great fit. Love when things work out like that.

    And yes, wtf to your ex-BO. I would leave that situation even if she didn't ask just because I don't need weird personality issues like that.

    1. Seriously, life's too short. Ain't nobody got time for that!

  4. Sounds like you lucked out getting out of there if that is how she addressed stuff!!! Eek!

    The new barn sounds awesome and like a much better fit!!! Excited to see the place and hear of all the fun stuff you get to do!

    1. I sure did - so thankful to be out of that environment. I can't wait to start lessoning and showing again - soon I'll get to post pics of us actually doing something!


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