This bloghop, I'm doing! EAH Blog Hop: Equestrian Wardrobe

EAH Blog Hop: Equestrian Wardrobe

As lots of you lovely ladies have done, so shall I. Thanks Hillary for starting this!

My wardrobe is pretttyyyy basic. (also, sorry not sorry about the links but I hate copying pictures because then I have to give the credits and by that time, I've forgotten what I'm writing about and I'm doing this on borrowed time). AND obviously I have no pictures of me riding except the ones I just posted in the Hunter Pace post and hello, borrrring! OK EDITED to add pictures because this is too wordy. 

Polos from Lands' End because they are well made and dirt cheap! Also Target carries polos that I like and they're about $15. I tend to shy away from labels on my shirts - I do have an Irideon polo with an identifier on the sleeve but it's small. 

Running shirts from Old Navy - also dirt cheap and very cool (as in temperature). They show dirt though so I leave the barn looking like a dirtball. Probably won't get those again. 

Belt - Was just using a cheapo leather one (yeppers, just one - black and went with everything) until 900FacebookPony advertised for Mango Bay so then I had to go buy one - I got this lovely belt Women's Belt - OrlĂ©ans Hunter/Jumper. Ebony on Charcoal Grey Webbing - product images  of in the mail just yesterday! 

Breeches - here we get to the fun stuff. I have two pairs of TuffRider Ribbed KP breeches -(mine are from Equestrian Corner and are not front-zip) one in dark beige and one in charcoal. I've ridden in them for 5 years now and they are just starting to show wear. I realllllyyyyy want a thicker pair that covers a little bit better and doesn't send me into fits of rage when I try to get them off during the summer. ALSO - a bit too low rise for me. My third and final pair of breeches is a pair of On Course Cotton Naturals (beige). They worked for a while but I'm not digging how they dig into my skin at the waist - the silicon won't-slide-down-because-they're-embedded-in-your-skin feature is thoughtful but I'm done with them. Basically I need new breeches and am stalking e-bay like a mo-fo. 

Boots!  I was riding in a pair of brown Ariat lace-up paddock boots and Ariat brown chaps but the chaps are a tinge too small and sometimes my feet would go numb (but not usually). I also managed to rip the zip-up tabs off so had to use a pair of pliers to get them on and off. Which is why after two-three years of not using them, our needlenose pliers are still in my grooming tote. 

For my first real show EVER!!!  two, no wait, THREE years ago, I bought a pair of Treadstone leather field boots. WHICH I HAVE SEARCHED FOR A LINK FOREVER and cannot find - apparently someone realized they were to cheaply made to keep selling. Not the Gran Torino and not the Tuscany - the lower/cheaper model. I will say that they were one of the nicest boots for the price-point (bought them for $169) and having been beat up for three years, are still fine. Just fine though. The dye rubs off on my saddle pads (and saddle pads that aren't mine when I'm riding another horse #embarrassing) and the leather is thin. The footbed is a bit too wide (I have long narrow feet) and the ankle could be slimmer but all in all, not terrible boots by any means. 

I actually ride in these socks because they provide so much support for my legs. I primarily use them for running but on hunter paces I like to wear them. Other than that, I'll wear any tall sock - I do not put my socks on the outside of my breeches because I'm a sissy and the velcro on my breeches scratches. 

ALSO it should be noted that I do wear this when I'm riding. Geek factor probably went up but whatevs, it holds my phone, treats, and keys! AND I definitely use it for my long runs. Keeps my gels from getting too warm from my sweaty palms and I can put my keys in there. 

Lets see.... OH yes, for winter I wear this jacket in red -MOUNTAIN HORSE FOREST RIDER JACKET hubs bought it for me for Christmas because I practically drew circles around a picture of it and plastered it to his forehead refused to tell him anything else he could get me. And I think I might have said I didn't want anything else. Anyway, it's a great jacket (runs a bit big which allows for more layers). 

Annnd helmet - was riding in a Troxel Gold Legacy something or other but just got this bad boy Ovation Valkyrie (Black/Navy)in blue on TackoftheDay and LOVE it. It fits my head so well and has a Coolmax lining so YAY! 

Gloves are a pair of Tredsteps from  my local tack shop (Dublin Tack Shoppe) and were only $15 at the time (a salesman had just dropped them off). My rubber reins are starting to eat through them so they're going to get replaced soon. 


  1. I think our wardrobes could be twins. Only, my polos were only $5 or less. :)

    1. Oooo nice! How did you score those?

    2. Honestly? Back-to-school clearances. :) Most recently, Sam's club had nice (fitted!) polos for $4. Winning!

    3. Great tip! And now I'm off on the polo hunt.

  2. Yay for the equestrian fanny pack! I have one too!


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