Ok, not the best best pony but the BEST pony in MY LIFE!

We had our Hunt Show this past weekend and it rained up until we untacked and left.


Made a new show friend! P and her gelding Darcy so generously gave us a ride to the show. We had a blast together and I foresee many shows/events/etc in our future together. Seriously, she was the best. And she has a post-event tradition of Oreos. So... winning!

Jumped our first ramp

Entered and exited, successfully, our first water complex - walked in and then jumped the bank out

Opened our first gate

Jumped our first brush jumps!

Red Mare was responsive, respectful, and NEARLY SELF LOADED.

Practiced lots of patience (due to the rain our classes were delayed) under saddle. I just came upon this guy - Peter De Cosemo - and found this patience post to be very helpful. We had started this method on the Thursday before the event and it paid off on Saturday. With all the horses, blowing caution tape, wind, rain, etc., she really stepped up and settled down when I asked.

We did not lose our minds in warmup. Even though some riders were flying around a sopping wet, hilly, slick space. We may have forgotten to tighten our girth and nearly ended up sideways on our horse, but we did not lose our minds.

In warm-up we jumped a brush-ish jump, crossrail, and coop with no big issue. I did let her run out on our first attempt at the coop but easily remedied. The brush jump on the other hand was fine in warm-up but out on the course, we had THREE refusals. The nice thing about this event was the laid-back nature and being allowed to work through refusals. She wasn't the only horse to throw a fit about the brush-ish jump on course but I really thought that since we nailed it in warm up, it wouldn't be an issue out on course. That will teach me to let off leg.

Had a blast with the carrot race. I cantered her down, hopped off, grabbed a carrot, and then did a quick spin so I caught her attention (you just couldn't touch your horse after crossing a specific line). I shoved the carrot in her face and then ran back to the other end. She trotted/cantered beside me making the MEANEST face ever, demanding to know where the hell her g-damned carrot was going.

Got drenched while waiting for my turn in my class - it was epic. Sitting there on my happy-to-graze-all-the-day pony while the rain poured and ran off the brim of my helmet, I couldn't help but smile. It was totes Man From Snowy River.

Things to work on:

Brush-style jumps

Powering into water

The canter

My suck-ass position (I swear my legs went flying behind me over one of the first jumps). Way to ride defensively Kinninger, way to ride defensively.

Elbows need to bend

Ok, now that housekeeping/homework is over, check out these glorious pictures from a professional photographer at the event.

Also, feel free to laugh at my faces!

Red Mare is a b-e-a-s-t.


  1. Great pictures! Sounds like a fun time.

  2. ahhh i love it!! you guys look great - and sounds like a wonderful experience all around ! is it terrible that when scrolling the pics i hoped to find one of her mean face while chasing down the carrot? lol

    1. hahahahah. I wish I had a picture of that!!!! It's not terrible at all ;)

  3. she looks so much fun! except for with the bumper on.... that makes her look short bus :P

    1. She is NOT thrilled about the bumper. :)


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