When I'm THAT person at the show.

So if you follow me on Facebook (this post) this post will be old news. If you don't follow me on Facebook (and most of you don't) then you are in for a TREAT!

On Saturday a local farm hosted a CT along with free xc schooling at the Dayton area Twin Towers Horse Park. AC and I decided to go so we loaded up the mares and headed over.

Hadassah and Java are not friends but they sure do love each other when we trailer off property. I mean, screaming for each other, totally ignoring all aids, and generally making asses of themselves. Actually, that's all Dassah, Java will whinny every now and then but she wears big girl pants the rest of the time. So I'm the one with the annoying redheaded devil-mare throwing the epic temper-tantrum the.whole.everloving.day.long.

(aside, I just spent forever trying to find gifs that accurately portray the day. Only those gifs don't exist because our day was just that epic.)

I spent an hour warming up and it made no difference. She was completely zoned out and unwilling to engage. All she wanted to do was scream, spin, and tell me to eff off. At least she acknowledged my existence!

Finally it was dressage ride time - we did Beg. Nov A - and in we went.


It was like an alien took over her brain, hollered, "Yippee Ki-yay" and threw in a grenade.

It was a hot mess.

We even got a 4 on one directive.

A screaming, wiggly, resistant, braced, counter-bent, counter cantering hot mess.

Wait, I think our free-walk was pretty good. We might have gotten a six on it.

Oh, and sorry, this is going to take a while. I can't just sum it up, there's SO much to recap!

So anyway, we halt, salute, and the judge starts talking me. Which never happens, but whatever, so I walk up.

To make a long story short, she said, and I am not kidding/embellishing the following:

"You rode that well, you were very composed the entire time." (wow, that was nice, thank you!)
"They make legal drugs" (um, unexpected, and say that again?)
"Let's hope she can jump" (well, yes, but rude)
"How old is she? Oh, yes, definitely the legal drugs" (again, wtf?)
"You should just go lunge her until your stadium time" (jaw hit the floor. um, say what?)

Seriously, she obviously knew I was riding her well, and I think she thought she was being helpful but she could have just said the first line and be done with it. I didn't take too much offense until I got back to the trailer and could process what she said. Even now I'm not offended, just disturbed that that's the advice given.

Anyway, I stay on and go attempt to walk her some more. Only now she really wasn't walking at all so we did circles until she would walk. Then she would jig and we would circle. and she would jig in the circle. and we would keep circling. rinse and repeat. Finally she gave me a flat-footed walk and we went over to start our stadium round.

So yes, we were that horse and rider at the show. Only it was to get better! Stay tuned!


  1. Oh my, sounds like quite the adventure! Complete with .... Inneresting judges comments ....?

  2. Oh man, Monica and B, me, steady and 2 of my girls all rode in that show. Wish we would have known we would have said hi. That judge though. You really just have to laugh that off. If she has never been on a horse that behaved like that especially on a nasty day like Saturday then she must not ride. We've all been there.

    1. I think I watched one of your jumper rounds! I heard someone named Amy announced over the PA system and I could swear the horse had "Steady" in the name. And then I totally got sidetracked with, well, you know the rest. :)


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