Yo. A picture of my homies.

Because who doesn't want a dose of this McFurrySnugglewhumpsiousness?

Frank caught a mouse the other night and woke me up at 2am to a) show it off b) show that it was still alive and c) show us his mad play-with-mice skillz.

Of course he either lost it or tucked it away for another day because when I woke up (at a normal time), it was gone.

THEN the following morning he brought it in and left it as a present in front of our full-length mirror. In full-on rigor mortis (the mouse, not Frank). I was torn between begging Ollie to eat it and freaking out that he might.

And what did Ollie do? He just ignored it! Of all the times he's not interested in something dead!!!

 Frank was so bored with the whole thing that he couldn't be bothered to even look at it again


  1. I mean, yay for Frank's hunting prowess haha, but also kinda ew! Cats....


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