New Spring Normal

Ah spring. That time of year when the birds start chirping again, the sun shines a bit more brightly, and it rains so much you spend your time at the barn chipping off caked on mud and hacking around the indoor because there's no dry land in sight. On the plus side, we're doing lots of 20m circles and Wofford's gridwork and the rainy weather makes for lots of snuggle time with the animals. 


  1. OMG I love your cat too haha. Also those grids look intense lol

    1. Orange cats are the best! Yeah, we've been hitting Jimmy Wofford's grid work pretty hard. Two wide and low oxers set two lonnnng strides apart were quite the challenge Dassah's short stride. Teaching her lengthening and shortening strides so it's nice to have that in our wheelhouse. but so intense!


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