Doggie goes to barn.

Dear Oliver,

I have to appreciate your determination in never letting me out of sight. You really are man's best stalker/creeper friend. The fact that you would go to lengths in being by my side is admirable- not even the best leash in town can thwart you. In fact, you showed that leash who is boss. All leashes bow to your strength.

I know you want to be by my side at all times but honey, big giant Percheron mares can smoosh you, yes, all 90lbs of you, with one hoof. STOP FREAKING ME OUT THAT YOU ARE GOING TO GET SMOOSHED! (this was right after he snapped his leash).

Yes, I did feed you in the morning so no, you don't need to eat the manure, AS I'M DUMPING IT IN THE MUCK BUCKET. In fact, don't eat it period! (that's a futile request).

Perhaps you shouldn't antagonize Dassah-Mare by standing outside her stall door. I know you think she's a potential play mate, but her version of playing involves you staying the hell away unless you want hooves bashing in your skull. Read the signs man, she's shouting at you with body language. (and no, I'm not going to put my dog in harm's way so it's not likely he'll ever go on a trail ride with me (boo hoo, miss having dogs on trail rides) or get close enough to her to get kicked).

You were slowly getting the idea by the time I finished noon chores. I'm proud of you for not barking, not peeing on the hay (although my foot wasn't the best option either), and for showing me how strong you are. You also did not let the cats excite you too much. Thank you for being my water-bucket-cleaning buddy.

I also appreciate that when you rolled in a stall, you chose a clean one. Although I know you picked that spot for a reason, at least you looked only sawdusty and not manure/urine covered. I much prefer that to dead animal.

Don't worry, we won't ever go back to the car-wash dog-wash again. I understand now you are deathly afraid of the metal wash bay and I respect that. I'm sorry you thought the only way to escape was by jumping out of it, while still attached to the wash-bay leash. You gave Momma a heart attack. Next time we'll go somewhere where you can get all the encouragement and comfort you need.

Maybe get all your shakes out before we get in the truck next time. mmmkay? Momma can't see to drive when her glasses are all covered in wet dog hair.

You did such a great job riding shotgun. I especially love when you turn to stare out the side window. I like to think it freaks people out (although I don't doubt it does). Thank you for making me feel like a tough chick with a badass dog.

Thank you for waiting patiently for me to come around and let you out when we get places. That's cool so you keep on doin' it.

Lastly, giving this face when I have to leave the house makes me feel like the worst dog-owner ever. You do your canine brothers proud.

oh, and you are an awesome study partner. 


  1. Haha, I love this! I have to sneak out of the house when I leave for the barn so I don't give in to sad dog faces....although they con me into taking them along at least once a week.

    1. Hey thanks Carly! Trying to leave him at home is the most heart-wrenching thing. He'll put his front paws on the window sill and gaze pathetically when we leave.


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