Schools almost done!!

For all of you who care or don't, I am finally wrapping up grad school! Three years of working full-time and going to school part-time are coming to an end!

I will have a life again!!!

*insert sob.

School has been an important part of my life these past several years. I've made best friends, learned an inordinate amount about business strategy, how to be a forward thinking strategic HR professional, and have proven to myself that I can get a masters. I am going to miss it immensely. and yet, I'M SO HAPPY TO BE DONE!

So many emotions. If you were to ask me how I feel, I would say, "everything." I feel everything right now.

In animal-related news:

Ollie takes his duty very seriously as guardian of his female hairless ape. Yesterday he defended me against the horrible scoundrel Gerbil (a sweet, loving, easy-going husky) and today against the loud-pounding barbarian (the very nice gentleman who fixed our leaky roof). By defended I mean he barked very loud at the roofer and kinda maybe sorta in-no-uncertain-terms, told off Gerbil. There may have been some flying fur. I was banished to the house (DH and his good friend were digging around in the yard with the dogs)(not that they were digging with the dogs, they were digging and the dogs were supervising) because, "WOMAN, WE NEED SOME PEACE!" (and Ollie was much better after I went inside).

Francis has learned to jump down off the fridge as soon as Ollie goes outside and schmooze me with his purrs and headbutts. He now roams the spare bedroom in his leisure time - Ollie is less inclined to spend time in there because Michael and I never go in there.  Usually in the morning he'll greet me by the bathroom door for more schmoozing.

RedMare has had quite the break these past two weeks. Hopefully she's done shedding by now! Can't wait to get out there and get back in the saddle, literally and figuratively. We have much to do! I scored a Ovation Valkyrie helmet on TOTD and that came yesterday  - I totally skimmed over the part where the V on the front is SPARKLY. I hadn't seen that and put it on and DH and friend were commenting on my bling. I thought they were nuts until I took it off and inspected - well, when your helmet has sparkles on it, that's bling. I feel so diva now. RedMare better respect!

Lastly - will be at Rolex on Saturday - I know a bunch of bloggers are going to be down there so if I haven't commented on your post about meeting up, I will. Would love to meet some of you! (not that there's some I wouldn't love to meet, but only some of you will be there, just to be clear). :)

Happy last full week of April!


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