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So we live in an urban part of our city. It's a transitional neighborhood that the city and large companies are slowly putting money into to transform it - an "urban revitalization" program. Our house is juuuust inside the "oh, this looks like a nice neighborhood" zone - seriously, our neighbors to the right are on the fringe. But the area has been getting a lot of attention in the last 10 years and each year shows an upward trend in transformation - case in point, our house was a crack house up until 5 years ago. That's right, we live on the edge. Now it's a lovely home with various renovation projects going on at once. 

So if I haven't been clear enough, the areas around us (to the south and east) are....edgy, to say the least. It's not quite the ghetto but the people are a people-watching dream. Lots of saggy pants on the men, skimpy and tight clothing on the women. Now on my street and north and west of us is hipster/urbanite/working professional central. 

So it cracks me up that people look at me strange when I walk in our local grocery wearing this. They have no idea what to make of it. Hipster, they understand, ghetto outfits, they understand, this - this is a whole new concept. (not to mention I smell like a barn, have horse hair all over my butt, and my shirt usually has slobber marks on it). I like to think I'm building up a reputation as that crazy chic. 

(that's a red polo btw). 



  1. People will judge and think what they think. That's their problem. I would go with the crazy chick reputation. It will keep most people at bay and those people you may not want to associate with anyways. Win-Win!

  2. I wear my riding clothes everywhere. But I keep my socks on which might look even funnier as that are crazy patterns.

  3. I have no shame in wearing my riding clothes - just adding some flavor to the cultures around me!


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