Our fancy getup.

So here's our fancy schmancy lunging (lungeing?) getup.

Several things to note:

 First - the surcingle tends to slide around so I have to figure out how to fix that.

Second - the bottom of the Lauffer reins needs to move down just a smidge -it's snapped to high.

Third - the side reins are very long - at this point I'm just introducing them and am using them more for helping her not drop her inside shoulder (she will rarely bulge through her outside) than anything. I went with Lauffer's over the traditional fixed side reins because they allow her more freedom. (I used this article to help me make the decision.) I'm also reading Sally O'Connor's Common Sense Dressage and I realize she advocates fixed side reins but I'm going to go this route. She's not being pushed from behind by me either - again, she's just getting used to these.

The set-up details:

I've got a nylon headstall (that needs shortened) attached to a simple jumping hackamore. The side-reins run through the rein-rings on the hackamore - and I'm not using a bit here. The other time I lunged her with my get-up I had her bridle on underneath and snapped the lunge line to the rein-ring of the hackamore- this time I just used my rope halter.

The lunging surcingle is neoprene and like I mentioned, prone to sliding - if anyone has thoughts on how to fix that, I'm all ears.

Lunge-line is 30' (so I can get at least a 20m circle) - it's a bit slick but I wear gloves regardless so I've got grip. It's a nice lunge line and for $7.00 brand new from the manufacturer, I'd get another in a heartbeat.

Well, there you go!

What the?... how did that ridiculous sleeping dog picture get in here?


  1. I generally stick a pad under the surcingle. In theory, it helps alleviate pressure. In reality, I think it just keeps your tack cleaner.

    1. will give that a try tonight! Thanks SB!

  2. I second the pad. My pony had the same problem, but mostly it is because the surcingle isn't tight enough. His was a tight as it would go so the pad added just enough in there to snug things up. I have the same neoprene surcingle and my WB mare has the same slippage issue. After a lap or two around the pen, I snug her up another notch and it's all good.

    1. A pad it is! Glad someone else has this surcingle and can advise - thanks Cut-N-Jump!


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