Last weekend, cont'd!

Where was I?

Ah yes, hunter pace with Big Fella.

Got up at what felt like the crack of dawn, raced to the barn, and Sweet K had everything ready to go. We loaded up the Big Fella, picked up Cloud-9 and were on our way.

An hour later we arrived at Thornhill, part of the Miami Valley Hunt's area where they ride. We tacked up and hit the trails. Big Fella and Cloud-9's new horse, Drool Worthy, were absolute dreamboats. Big Fella followed along (he's a Percheron/Morgan cross) while Drool Worthy led the way - they were great. We went up hills, through a million creek crossings, trotted/cantered along the fields, and wound through the prettiest forest trails.

We didn't jump until the last 6 jumps - this pace was a backwards take on the Memorial Day pace so the biggest jumps were at the beginning and the smaller ones at the end. Big Fella is a point-and-shoot horse and Drool Worthy's an experienced eventer so once Cloud-9 started jumping, there was no reason to stop! She hadn't jumped Drool Worthy since she got him but she had nothing to worry about, he was spectacular. We had a blast! There was one two-stride that Big Fella took long but he cleared it just fine. The last jump was a small bank with a small creek crossing at the bottom and word is someone's horse cleared the whole thing in one jump (so took off at top of bank, cleared the drop and the creek, and landed on the other side) - it's extremely wide to cross, so hats off to them! Big Fella took the easy drop off the bank (I'm pretty sure we were walking) and deigned to pick his feet up for the creek, but just barely. When Drool Worthy crossed, he just sat back on his haunches, jumped down, over the creek, and out - and made it look absolutely effortless.

Sweet K is a member of the MVH and knew everyone there, so at the potluck afterwards I was introduced to many members of the MVH and our Rocky Fork Headley Hunt Club. I was invited to go fox hunting when it starts back up so call me SUPER EXCITED! If I can't take Dassah there'll be many other ride options for me, which is awesome. Riding Big Fella has definitely built up my confidence with her.

So anyway, we weren't riding for time as Hilltoppers and we were pretty sure we had gone way over our time because a) we walked for 45 minutes and b) we really weren't paying attention. Turns out, we came in 5th out of at least 8 teams! We were actually 15min under the optimum time! Say what?!!


Big Fella (dark bay) and Drool Worthy (Big Fella is 16 hands so Drool Worthy must be 17hh?)

Tired pony and Sarah 

This weekend is the Rocky Fork Headley Hunt Pace and I'm riding Big Fella again!


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    1. It was - it's a great opportunity to do some "formal"(?) trail riding and since you're in teams, you have people to talk to, horses to lead if another get's nervous, and the courses are usually about 5-7 miles, so it's a good distance). Very low-key but fun.

  2. Such handsome ponies! And so much fun!!

  3. Omg sounds so fun! How cool!

    1. We are so lucky to have a whole summer of these in our area!

  4. Wow! Sounds like a great time and a day to remember. Congratulations!


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