Dressage lesson

WARNING: I figured out how to add pics via URL in blogger. commence ALL the memes. 

I had a prancing pony lesson last night!

Let's see...

Rhythm: Yep, she chugs along like a sewing machine
Relaxation: Well... sometimes
Connection: Bwahahahahahahahahah. *wipes tears.
Impulsion: (see above)
Straightness: Actually, surprisingly, not terrible
Collection: *blank stare*

Sweet K, who I am going to start calling my Fairy Godmother, let me try her Passier Grand Gilbert dressage saddle.

Holy bananas. I'm in love. 

Anyway, it fits the Big Guy AND my TBx? Saaaaaay WHAT? 

Seriously, fits. 


Had a great school. Turns out I love to let that outside rein just flop in the wind. It's like it isn't even there. So, she put me back together with (duh, I know) inside leg to outside rein, giving with inside rein. 

A bajillion spirals/leg yields later, I think I might have an inkling of what I need to do. 

Also turns out that I should be less fixated on worrying about Dassah being behind the vertical and more concentrated (was that bad grammer?) on consistency in forward rhythm. So keep asking for forward with the legs, bend with inside leg to outside rein, and forward, forward, forward. And keep asking for consistency in transitions. We had some BEAUTIFUL walk trot transitions and some not so good ones. 

Also, my happy place in trotting is actually sluggish. So, like the Fairy Godmother said, it should feel like I'm doing too much.  

AND practice stretchy trot at beginning of ride - gotta get that back working. 

AND work outside. No more indoor. Indoor is safe from distractions and Dassah's downfall is distractions (along with  sewing machine trot, not using her back, evading, - oh wait, I caused all that. WOMP WOMP)



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