Well crap. Stop the presses - nail edition take 2

So Friday I told you all about my awesome new nail-saver discovery.

I am here with an addendum. The above should read, "awesome new nail-saver  semi-protectant discovery."

I started out Friday with this:

Yes, they are were that shiny.

I start out Tuesday with this:
Right middle finger

Left index

See left pinky?

The left pinky was partly my fault - like I said, I'm a nail picker and somehow I managed to catch an edge of the nail polish and take it off in one piece - however, should nail polish come off that easy? I don't think so.... The left index - not my fault. The right middle, also not my fault.

Now, all that being said. I've made it... 4 days and most of my nails still have the majority of nail polish on them and they have not split. Kinda sorta success but nothing to write home about.

Those 4 days included:

  • grooming horse and trail ride (riding with hands gloved)
  • grooming horse and foxhunt (riding gloved)
  • a stall mucking (gloved)
  • washing a couple dishes (had to clean out my salsa bowl before filling it with frozen yogurt)
  • LOTS of tv watching (started and finished season 3 of The Killing in almost one day)
  • quick tidy of living room
  • walk in the rain to breakfast and back 
  • naps
  • grooming and xc schooling (riding gloved)
  • another grooming and hose off (different horse) and brief lunge and indoor hack (riding gloved)
  • some picking at my nails but I did make a concerted effort not to
  • oh, and a couple showers (for me)

So there you have it. For me this feels like a moderate win. The nails with the polish still on them (ok, so 9 out of 10) feel strong and protected BUT this stuff is not holding up 100% for my needs. I need the topcoat to stay on longer - regardless of whether I've got color on my nails or not. Nail splitting is the devil and if the polish chips off, that means I've lost topcoat and will soon see splitting nails. Not cool. We'll see how we finish out the week with this stuff. I don't know how I got it to last so long beforehand.

Gah. Where's the nail polish/topcoat/protectant that sticks like glue? WHERE POLISH (not to be confused with Polish) GODS, WHERE?


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