Foxhunt (but no foxes or coyotes harmed) AND I school Maiden

Proof I went foxhunting!

We're the second from right, with the big giant bushy tail (that's enough for two horses). The hunt had just ended and we were hacking back to the kennels for a hunt tea (which, like in the UK, is not just tea but food. Lots of yummy food)

It was a fun first hunt - pretty low-key until the end when the hounds picked up a strong scent - then it was "dash - dash back - dash back again - race through the woods!" We jumped a couple logs but nothing tall. Went through LOTS of mud - holy crap, so much mud! The Big Guy came back with all shoes still on so I call that winning. He got a workout, that's for sure.

Monday Sweet K had me school the Big Guy over the grasshopper course (all at a canter) and then we schooled about 1/4 the Maiden (2'3") jumps - including a ditch. Apparently I ride the taller jumps much better than the lower (?) - my maiden trip around was much better than the grasshopper.

Then got Dassah out, lunged briefly, mounted up and spent the entire time working on moving off my leg. She's also starting to go behind the vertical A LOT so I feel like our entire time was me pushing her into contact and her evading. We had a couple really nice walk/trot transitions though, so that's a win.

ALSO. WHY IS IT SEPTEMBER?!?!?!?! WHYYYYYY??? *shakes fist at sky.


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