B&BS Blog Hop: Quirky Horse

Yay, Blog Hop! There's so many going around that I love but this one fits my schedule the best (i.e. no time for talky talk). 

Thank you Breeches and Boat Shoes for this one! 

What are some quirks, naughty or nice, that your horse has and do you love or hate them?
Where oh where to begin....
  • Dassah can make the meanest faces on the planet. She particularly hates when you: 
    • Make eye contact while walking past her without cooing at her. 
    • Leave her (yes, when you walk away she makes a mean face, even if you stuffed a mint/carrot/apple/treat in her mouth)
    • Place any saddle pad on her back
    • Place the saddle on her back\
    • Adjust saddle/saddle pad 
    • Tighten the girth too quickly. 
    • Groom her chest
    • Buckle/Velcro the chest of a blanket/sheet 
    • Groom her belly. 
    • Dismount
    • (you'd think this would mean she's got ulcers or poor saddle fit. Actually, under saddle she's a doll, on the ground she's just a heifer)
  • Dassah can make the sweetest faces on the planet. She responds very endearingly to: 
    • Hearing the zipper on the treat pouch/running belt open
    • Coming to you when you have an apple/treat
    • When she knows she's been a pissy wench and really wants to come in when I have to send her away to reinforce that she can't be jackwad to me. This happens once every several months where she's just been a piss-bucket and I'll throw her in the indoor (when no one is using it) and we do our version of "Join-Up". Mostly its her getting her kicks and giggles out and then me keeping her out of my space until she's being polite. 
  • She air paws. Yep, very rarely does she paw the ground, she just likes to bring that left front up and paw the air. It's dangerous and annoying and she gets smacked every time she does it until she stops. 
  • When she's bored, she nods her head and flaps her lips. 
  • She LOVES her bum massaged. If I'm grooming her rump and stop, she'll fling her hips over and when she does get the massage, she zones out in bliss. 
  • Loves ear rubs. I rub  Zephyr's Garden No-Fly Zone balm on and in her ears during the summer and she digs that. 
That's all I can think of right now.... 



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