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And that is an expression of my frustration in NOT BEING ABLE TO SHARE VIDEOS GOOGLE. YES YOU SUCK!

Please enjoy the photos below. The first ones are from a riding excursion in the Pentlands in Scotland (just outside Edinburgh) - we were on Icelandic ponies and I nearly died of happiness. This was in 2007.

The second is a teaser from the mini-trials this past Sunday. Our dressage scores improved greatly (and would have been outstanding but I had a rider error. go me.) from the first mini-trials. I finally purchased this safety vest from Equus Now (BETA 3 and ASTM certified). I feel like a total badass wearing it. no joke.

Ok, Pentlands pictures

And now teaser pics (because I have to include the derpy ones too)

wait, that's a Frank in a box! Sneaky stink-eye Frank.


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