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Recap of the last two weeks:

  • Boss quit two weeks ago, co-worker and I are managing our jobs PLUS a large portion of his. Cue mental exhaustion. 
  • Ran 10 miles two Saturdays ago - made Ollie run 2 of those with me. sucka. 
  • Rode in mini-trials that Sunday. Dassah stopped at the spools and spooked right before the last jump. Grrr freaking *eye twitch* aldkjf;aldkjf;lakdjf;aldkjf;a
  • Scribed for dressage judge at mini-trials. 
  • That Wednesday I schooled Dassah over the dreaded spools of death for the $#@*$#*!@$&^ freaking time. Successfully.
  • Schooled Big Man over the maiden course (hello, awesome!)
  • Made new barn friend who is going to set up grids and gymnastics so we can work on "RELEASE SARAH, RELEASE!"
  • Ran 8.5 miles this past Saturday morning - this time Ollie ran 4 of those with me. #deathbydoggie #mydogstopsforallsmells
  • Later that day, I rode Big Man in the final Rocky Fork Hunter Pace Series - the Beth Pisto Memorial HP.
    • Cloud 9 and I got a Reserve High Point Award for the series. SCORE.
    • When you get Reserve High Point Award, you get snazzy ribbon. It's baller. 
  • Rode Dassah on the hunter pace course the next day. 
    • My mare is amazing
    • The scenery was gorgeous (leaves are turning colors, the air was crisp, the sky blue, the wind soft)
    • Dassah crossed everything I asked her to - rubber tire jumps, coops, creeks, scary patches of mud, up-banks, hills galore, logs, you name it. I.had.a.blast. She was plumb wore out when we got done (it's a 5.6 mile course with so.many.hills) but happy. 
    • She took a while to load for our departure but returning, she hopped right in the trailer. ThankyouThankyouThankyou.
    • Dassah also pushed me into a pond. She was thisclose to drinking out of it and then shoved me with her head. Went in up to my boots. Heifer. 
  • Sweet K had invited us (SQUEAL) to go on that trail ride on the HP course and we met up with two other ladies. Horse people can surprise the socks off ya sometimes - in a very good way. I had such a fun time. The horses were great, the company was delightful, we all had a rejuvenating time.
  • Hit up the barn last night and rode - Dassah-mare was adorable. I forgot my chaps. The legs of my breeches rode up #awkward but I persevered. That's what I get for wearing short socks!
Future plans
  • Going to the barn tonight - lord knows what we'll work on. For as many arenas as we have, none of them are usable! Dressage arena might as well be under water, jump arena will be under construction for the mini-trials this Sunday, indoor is full of hay wagons, and the ground is soaked everywhere else. Hmm. Maybe hill-work. 
  • Going to the barn Saturday for a short ride and to help set up for Sunday's mini-trials. Novice has been added to the levels so that'll be neat to watch. 
  • Half-Marathon Sunday morning. First half where I haven't had someone to run with :( - I think I'll have to go runner-creeper on someone and stalk them from a distance....


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