40F should not feel like summer

Note: She doesn't move around much until the 4min mark (she hears something outside the walls) and then at the 5 and 6:30 mark she may throw her version of an obscenity or two.

riding notes (rode 1/17 and 1/19):

- a good lunge is well worth the time spent. (boy howdy did I forget that )

- For the love of everything, half-freaking-halt!

- Leg on for downward transition, sit up. HALF-HALT (not shouting at the horse, just me!)

- Tuck that butt (but not too much, half-tuck?)

- transitions, transitions, transitions - bring out all the sticky parts with transitions.

- open the hips

- engage the core, tuck the butt, engage the core, tuck the butt, breathe.

- praise. Praise praise praise.

- A good forward trot will make that canter transition as delicious as cake.

that last lesson was mind-blowing for me. The Saturday I rode I had a very up and forward pony. It was like riding a convertible on a winding road, with no traffic. I'd collect a bit on the short side and then zooom, down the long side with a big trot we'd go. After getting a more medium trot, I sat back just a tidge (it was probably all mental, with no physical movement), added a touch of outside leg, and then scooted my butt and like buttah, we were smoothly into the canter. I don't usually ask for such a big trot before the canter because I'm a wimp so I get sewing-maching trot - all movement and little forward. This time though I had big floaty (for a sewing-machine-minded horse) trot and the canter transition could not have been easier. YUM!

The wicked witches of the west. 


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