Safety Vests - not just for protection

Also great for keeping your core warm when you forget your barn coat at home!

Rode 1/24 -Sunday w/ Lauren and had a lovely time. We worked on two-point and riding w/o stirrups. Couldn't feel my inner thighs the next day. Or the day after that. but who needs inner thighs anyway? Well, the desk job doesn't!

Rode Wednesday 1/28 with Lauren and AC and WE RODE IN THE SNOW YA'LL!

I can't remember the last time I rode in the snow. Don't ask me why but I think it just boils down to not having anyone to ride with, lack of snow, and being too cold/windy. 

Anyway, after my magical medical massage yesterday afternoon (for which my doctor signed a script and I loveitsoverymuch) I hightailed it out to the barn. Of course as I'm driving to the barn I realize I might not have a barn coat stashed in the car. 

uh. nope. This is what I get for trying to keep the car clean. 

Thanks be for quarter sheets, safety vests, and new barn-mates who keep spare barn jackets in their cars and let you wear them. I was wandering around with the quarter-sheet wrapped around me when AC saw my plight and offered up human clothing. hellz yeah. I threw on my safety vest too for another layer. 

AC (new barn mate) was there and Lauren (other barn mate) arrived not long after. We all tacked up at the same time and then at some point someone mentioned riding outside. I called their bluff and before anyone could resist, it was agreed, we would ride the short jaunt around the hay field/xc course. 


It was pretty late (about 6) by the time we got out there so the sun was going down but we milked the rest of the daylight for all it was worth.

Of mild interest: we each were riding our own home-bred mare. AC's is a gray, Lauren's is a bay, and mine a chestnut. (I've always loved the aesthetic of a group of different colored horses.)

Lauren's mare was up, up, up. She was fine until we passed one of the xc jumps and, being a former eventing mount, she thought it was time to take a spin around the course. Lauren rides so well and managed to keep her mare from bursting with excitement. Her mare is usually the babysitter when we go out. AC's mare had a couple bursts of spook/excitement and was a little amped but nothing big. MY MARE was...

wait for it....

seriously, I'm about to burst,

A ROCK STAR. (cue angels singing)

I put my safety vest on because it traps heat so well (says dryly) but I also didn't mind having it on because I had no idea what Dassah was going to think about this dusky ride. Would there be snow monsters in the woods? Would deer jump out at us from the brush? Did she need an excuse to stop, drop, and spin? 

I'm so tickled pink to say I didn't need it at all (except for the not-freezing my innards part). She was a dreamboat. While the snow wasn't more than 2-3 inches, it blanketed the fields in sweet, glorious, white peace. I was practically dying inside at the novelty of taking in the scenery - who knew Dassah mare could be so quiet as to let me?! 

She was such a good girl. It wasn't more than a 10 minute ride outside (long enough for me to lose feeling in my toes though) but words can't express how grateful I am for those 10 minutes. 

I've said the same many times before on: 
  • Our first hunter pace
  • Every around-the-farm trail ride
  • Every mini-trial
  • The post-hunter pace rides with Sweet K and Co. 
  • Our dressage shows
Isn't it so great to ride a horse? Isn't it amazing that we have these experiences? 


  1. It is SO great to ride a horse!! :D

  2. I love riding in the snow! Been a few months now since I've done that. Sounds like a blast :)

    1. I'll probably get murderous stares from everyone in my state but I would love some really deep snow to go riding in!

  3. sounds like an awesome time!! (also - i never considered the safety vest as an extra layer for warmth... very inneresting!!!)

    1. I only know because during the summer I sweat when wearing my safety vest - I figured if it kept me warm then, it would work now!

    2. see, when you say it like that, i've DEFINITELY noticed that my vest is sooooo hot... but just never connected the dots for its cold weather benefits lol

  4. sounds like a great ride!!! (and never considered safety vests as layers for warmth - good to know!)


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