My mare is such a crank.period.endofstory.

Seriously. Does anybody else have a mare that could care less if you exist?

She makes the worst faces at people when they walk by her stall, but will prick her ears if you crinkle a wrapper (naturally).

She hates when I put the saddle on.

But doesn't mind the girth so long as I do it up slowly.

Doesn't like to be groomed, but loves her hindquarters massaged.

Makes nasty faces when I dismount and will swing her head around to bite (although she does try very hard).

But she can be very sweet sometimes..

Anybody else have a temperamental mare? (or does mine have ulcers?)(why do I always think it's ulcers?)

Riding notes:

Rode 1/22, 45 minutes.

Worked on:

lots of transitions
keeping leg on when downward transition so I don't "drop" her.
Walk trot, trot walk, walk halt, trot halt, halt trot, ad nauseum.
Keeping up a big forward trot, and using hip to scoop right into canter. no problemo.

and so it goes.


  1. yea i definitely know that feeling... mares... she sure loves those candy wrappers tho!


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