Getting better!

Remember my last post on polo wrapping fails?

I think I'm getting better. Still not confident enough to ride with them on but hopefully soon.

This time I remembered to look up tutorials on YouTube. God bless the YouTube.

How do you like me now, polos?!

HOWEVER: The hinds leave much room for improvement. Lots of room. Like Montana size room. 



  1. spend a day at the track and you'll be putting polos on like a pro!

    1. That's what I need though, trial by fire! :)

  2. It took me a long time to get a hang of polos. I was always worried about doing them too tight. Then I groomed at a dressage barn for a year. But I bet now I would suck a lot hahah. Practice makes perfect :)

    1. I bet you would be perfect still, the training you got is no joke!


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