True Fails

So. Remember the fail hop from a couple weeks ago? And how I bemoaned not having true fail photos?


Now I have them.

FIRST THOUGH - here are two pics I love.

So much jump! 

Love this girl so much. 

But seriously, you could just exit the post now and never have to look at the following.

Because it's bad.

Like whoa bad. Like truth bad.

Like, I love to brace my leg and jump for my pony bad. I know this indicates a lack of lower leg control. I promise I'm working on it so much.

Also. Let us take a minute to thank Dassah for her love of jumping and putting up with my oh so horrible lower leg and knee skillz.

Behold the fails.

First up: The I-can't-bend-my-leg and what are YOU doing Dassah?
(it gets worse)

Second: Here we have the "BALANCE BE DAMNED. Let's just STAND in our stirrups and not release" approach. 
GM would be so proud. 

This probably isn't too bad except for NO RELEASE SARAH STRIKES AGAIN.

Also, count how many times I make this face in these pictures. (answer:

My knees be all like: NO, WE NO BEND. YOU JUMP FOR HORSE. 

and of course I'm bracing my leg AND making that face. I can do that for days. 

Well. There you have it.

At least we were super color coordinated!

See?!! Navy blue with beige and red fly bonnet, navy and black helmet, beige breeches, navy belt, and navy trimmed pad. holla.

Also, check out Beka's work!


  1. Haha. Your good moments are good and your bad moments really aren't THAT bad. Though the stand-no-release one was pretty funny.

    1. That's what happens when I just quite riding. ugh.

  2. awww i kinda love alll these pics!! you guys look super sharp in the color-coordinated outfits, and i definitely have pics of my own self doing each and every one of those 'fails' lol. it helps that Dassah looks so cute too

  3. Well now I'm going to "awww" back because that is so nice.

    Yeah, when the fire breathing dragon decides to, she can certainly look good.


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