More fails

Because good things come in threes, like posts!

So in the spirit of failing, I thought I'd share my most recent.

You might have noticed that Dassah's rarely booted up. This comes in part because I forget and well, I am lazy.

If I do boot up it's for xc. Otherwise, ugh, polos are I'm only going to put them on for flatwork and FLATWORK IS BORING YA'LL.

However Sprinklerbandit has made me think.

Maybe polos do provide a certain, je ne sais quoi...

At any rate, I've got a set of four navy ones just fleecing it up in my horse-apparel box. Might as well try.

So I busted them out yesterday, re-rolled them (because why don't retailers just roll polos correctly the first time?!), and slapped them on the mare.

Let me tell you, I can't remember the last time I polo-ed up a horse. It's been at least 15 years. Which would make me sound old only I was 5 the last time I put polos on a horse. So there. (ok, 5+12 but whatever)

How did my skills fare?

not good my friend. not good. I swear. I did know how to put on polos once upon a time. And do a damn fine job too.

girl, please. For the love of everything, what is going on here? 

I know. *wipes tears away from laughing so hard.

Thankfully Mare was not tooooo embarrassed. I did take them off though with the intent to practice each time I ride.

Or I will just by dressage boots and be done with it.


  1. Hahaha yeah maybe practice that even if you do buy boots. ;-)

  2. lol i really can't be bothered with polos either... at least my mare fits nicely into pony sized polos which are somehow easier to manage than the longer ones? maybe?


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