Don't read this if you value your next 5 minutes - it's not horse related.

It took me an hour to get to the barn last night.

Usually it's a 20 minute drive (squeal, 20 minutes! *claps hands. a 20min drive is the shortest drive I've ever had) but last night, it took me an hour. "Must have been the rush-hour traffic," you say - nope. no traffic. "Oh, then the weather is still bad in your neck of the woods," - nope, a gorgeous, balmy 46F outside AND so sunny.

Dude, get on with the story already, I can only feign interest for so long. 


We couldn't find hubs keys, so he took mine so he could get on with his life and get to his soccer game already. That meant I needed to use the spare key for the truck because my brother took our suv to go snowboarding. I also needed a spare key for the house.


So I find all the freaking keys I need, notice that I need to put air in the back right tire, and get on my merry, almost-going-to-call-it-a-day way. Go to the BP station, finally get to the air pump only to discover they take quarters only. WTF? Speedway has credit card air pumps, I'll go there. Get there, maneuver between two jackwads who are NOT using the air pump, and notice that their pump is OUT OF ORDER.

bwahahahah.... that sucks...

Yeah, I totally gave the one jackwad watching a glare. I angry drive down the road (NOT in the direction I need to go) knowing there's not another gas station around but hoping I can conjure one up out of thin air. Then, all of the sudden, it hits me. I have cash in my pocket.

I'm an idiot.

you writing this post and publishing it is an idiot. 

Drive back to BP, get my quarters, spend 2.5 minutes of the 3 minutes the air pump runs figuring out the goshdangitdumbfreaking air hose thing. Get enough air in before the pump stops and peel out of there like I'm a boss.

And that is how it took me an hour to drive to the barn.


  1. You have to pay for air? What kind of strange land do you live in??

    1. It's a VERY strange land - I don't understand why we need to pay for air but I have yet to find a gas station in the area that provides it for free.

      I don't understand the concept of thwarting air thievery.

  2. We have to pay too. Glad you got it down!


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