I know I'm late to the game on this (Fat Tuesday was almost a week ago) but here I go! Thanks L! 

Seven great things/strengths in your riding life
  1. My husband - I know this might sound corny but he supports my riding habit and indulges me in this - riding has become part of my lifeblood again and he affirms me and values it. Plus, he bought me tickets to my first Rolex and watching him be as thrilled as I was made me so happy. 
  2. I'm tenacious. My 4-H club voted me that my senior year of high school. 
  3. I'm a thinker. I soak in everything, see if it makes sense to my horse, and filter out what doesn't. 
  4. I've been riding since before I could walk. I love being around horses and figuring them out. 
  5. My seat. I have been told it's very good. 
  6. I'm ballsy. I won't put myself in danger but I won't let fear stop me. 
  7. Embarrassment can phase me but not for long. I don't let it get me down.  
Seven things you lack or covet for you or your horse:
  1. Micklem Bridle. I want one so bad. 
  2. A gorgeous bridle. I know I said I want the Micklem but I'd love a supply, high-quality leather snaffle bridle. 
  3. Anatomic girth
  4. Not quite on the blingy browband train yet, but I've seen a couple tasteful ones. 
  5. A new helmet. My ol' Troxel is beyond old now and I'd love a new one that doesn't make my head look like a mushroom (velvet show troxel, I'm looking at you!)
  6. Blue ribbons
  7. Cross Country cahones - Dassah needs a pair. 

Seven things that make you angry
  1. Draw reins. I know they can have a purpose at times, but I've yet to seen them used that way. 
  2. People hauling on their horse's mouths. 
  3. People smacking their horses when the horse DOESN'T UNDERSTAND what's being asked of them. 
  4. Irresponsible riding - Fairfield County Fair warm-up ring, I'm looking at you. 
  5. Lunging on 10m circles for a half hour. Yes, we see your horse can canter that well. I think you can move on. for the love. 
  6. Tie-downs, draw reins, ANYTHING used to "set" the horse's head artificially. 
  7. Horses in fields without hay or grass. 


Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on
  1. Bridles. Always get the inexpensive, cheap leather ones. 
  2. I did send my blankets out to get washed but they never were - so I re-used them this winter. 
  3. Full grooming. Don't get me wrong, Dassah gets clean, but during the winter I really shortchange a full elbow-greased grooming. It's a quick curry, body brush, and moving on. 
  4. Cleaning my tack. A quick once over to wipe the dust off and that's it. My saddle is a Thorowgood so T8 so it's mostly synthetic. I really want HigherStandards soap and balm - I swear I would clean my tack all the time. And my boots. 
  5. Lessons - I keep telling myself we need to get better before we can lesson and that's bullshit. 
  6. Meeting people - I am a total whiny-head about meeting new horse people. Not ballsy here at all. 
  7. Listening - Dassah tells me stuff all the time and I don't "listen."
Seven most expensive things you own for your horse/riding
  1. Saddle
  2. Boots
  3. Riding Jacket
  4. Back on Track saddle pad
  5. Boarding
  6. Stubben bit
  7. Supplements

Seven guilty pleasures or favorite items
  1. BoT saddle pad. Love it. 
  2. My saddle - it's so lovely. 
  3. My riding boots - they make me feel serious
  4. Having a horse! I'm so lucky to own my own. 
  5. Zephyr's Garden ointment
  6. Getting to go to Rolex
  7. Treating my horse - she should not be treated but I do. 
Seven things you love about horses and riding
  1. Perked ears 
  2. Sitting in the saddle
  3. Experiencing progress
  4. Thinking
  5. When I have people to gab with while on horseback/feeling a part of something
  6. Trail rides through woods
  7. Sloshing through creeks. 


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