What a weekend - Sunday.

Sunday was going splendidly. 30 minutes into our planned 60 min the the neighbors started shooting guns. Only, it's not continuous, it's sporadic. Just as Dassah relaxes back into work, they start again. The poor girl was completely unnerved - I had my pointer and middle fingers grasping the neck-strap and heels down (remembered my boots this time!) but it felt useless. 

We could have worked through it I bet but one of the boarders who finished her ride before we started said they had been setting off a cannon and I just didn't feel like dealing with that (but seriously, a cannon?) We'd had a great ride so far - all the work at the walk and trot paid off in the canter. FINALLY, PROGRAM SAYS CANTER!! 

But honestly, the time spent at just the walk and trot has paid off in dividends. Her canter was delightful. She was responsive, soft, and full of movement. Our canter depart leaves a lot wanting but we can work on that. I had hoped I'd see progress in the canter but didn't expect it - I could not have been more thrilled! Our downward transitions were not bad either. She got lots of praise (as mares require) and I could feel her eating it up. She loves praise. 

I wish we could have kept working and while I was pissed at how things ended, I was pleased that we didn't need to find a good note to end on. She is a trip. 10 years old in May and she's becoming rock solid. Love that girl. 

Here are pictures in case that's what you look for when scrolling through your blog roll (because, honestly, pet photos are the best)


Oh, and lipstick pictures from a couple weeks ago!


  1. As long as the neighbors do it regularly, she should be able to deal with it. There's a lot of hunting near our barn and the horses don't mind at all.

    1. I think now that it's warming up enough to be outside, they should shoot regularly and yeah, that will take care of that!


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