What a weekend - Saturday

Saturday went like this:

1pm - get out of car at barn, pouring rain.
1:30pm - Tacked-up Dassah and I head to barn doors to go over to indoor - in barn the rain and wind are deafened so I think it's okay not to throw a blanket over her to keep saddle/her dry.
1:30:15pm - WHAT THE HELL?!! Push aside latch, doors burst open, we get drenched. Doors won't latch shut, I curse, Dassah is furious at her head getting wet. Rig doors shut. Realize I should have blanketed but damnit, we're not made of sugar - I refuse on principle to go back in for a blanket.
1:31pm - walk to indoor. Dassah is NOT having this. She keeps swinging around me, totally losing her shit, so pissed at her face getting wet STILL. Oh, the inhumanity!
1:32pm  - we make it to the indoor -

  • Dassah: What the HELL are you thinking you crazy lady? You almost got us blown away out there! My FACE GOT WET! I'm lodging a protest. This is inconceivable. 
  • Dassah: THIS IS NEWS TO YOU? 
  • (yes, we were shouting at each other, couldn't hear over the wind)

1:35-1:50 - we lunge a little, Dassah gets her squeals and kicks out but this time it's just small spooks at the rattling doors. Her balance is developing beautifully and she no longer panics when she cross canters. She managed to switch her back end once without fuss but the second time I have to bring her down to the trot to pick up the full correct lead. Still, MUCH better than when we first started our fitness program.

1:53 - I mount up and naturally it starts sleeting with an increase in wind. Sleet on an aluminum/metal roof sounds like a dump truck unloading pea gravel overhead. Dassah keeps her brain between her ears and we actually have a solid ride. I have to ride every single step but I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to do that anyway.  ;)
Oh. AND I forgot both my paddock boots and tall boots at home so I'm in duck boots, sans stirrups.


It's a sleeting nor'easter outside and I'm without stirrups. win. 

We end after 30 minutes of the same thing we've been doing for the past month. She did great, I tried a little posting but gave up. I'm not superwoman. Yet.
When we walk out of the indoor it is turning into wet snow. Dassah makes wet-cat faces but is with me as we walk back to the barn.

But seriously, if we can keep our focus and ride well during that March madness, I'd say we're doing pretty well.


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