A Day in the Life of a Working Adult Ammy

Thanks Tracy for the bloghop! Love this idea.

5:59am - Francis (the Frankencat) moves from laying on legs to creeping at my face.

6:10am - Francis pokes face with paw. Gets paw smacked.

6:12am - Francis pokes face again. Paw retreats before getting smacked.

6:13am - I crack open an eye to see what time it is and roll over. Frank starts purring because I'm obviously awake.

6:20am - Alarm goes off. Frank is totes happy and is now standing over my face and purring. I avoid eye contact and hit snooze.

6:28am - Hubs elbows me to hit snooze or turn off the alarm and get out of bed.

6:36am - elbowed again, hit snooze but pet Frank. If he knows I'm awake for reals, he won't let me go back to sleep.

6:40am - get out of bed, Frank runs in front of me to the bathroom where he gets a daily fussing over and drinks out of the faucet while I brush my teeth. Grab a shower, get dressed.

7:00am - look at my watch and stress about whether to dry my hair or not. Today, we're going to say I didn't because hypothetically, I'd be at work at 7:30am. Hubs is just now getting out of bed because being a boy is much too easy.

7:10am - Ollie and Frank race down the stairs. I let Ollie out, set out his food, and wrangle pills down Frank's throat. He has FIV and takes two pills in the morning. He also gets a treat chaser.

7:12am - Ollie is back in and chowing down. I'm chowing down on cereal.

7:18am - Hubs is dressed and ready to go. Ollie gets baby-gated in our mudroom and we head out. I don't always drive hubs to work but it's more often than not. Plus, it's on the way. Otherwise he'd take the bus.

7:30am - I drop hubs off.

7:38am - Arrive at off-campus parking lot which I found by cold-calling. Yeah, parking on campus is $70-$80 a month for a garage next to my building or $30 a month for a surface lot which then requires a bus and walking. The parking lot I found is $11 a month and 1/2 mile walk to building. Not bad at all.

7:50am - Arrive at work.

7:50-12pm - slave away at the computer. Growl at certain employees under my breath. Catch up with my team and suite mates on the days happenings.

12pm - 1pm - run outside. I try to run during my lunch break at least 3x a week. Sometimes it's 2x but if I don't run, I get tension headaches and a stiff neck. Plus the potential for chair-butt.

1pm-5pm - More computer slaving. Some foot-tapping while looking at the computer, willing it to get closer to 4:20pm. After 4:20 time seems to fly.

5pm: Change out of work clothes into barn clothes on the days I go out to the barn. Yeah, I have to walk the half-mile back to my car in breeches and barn-ish boots but whatever.

5:15pm - At my car, now to negotiate traffic.

5:30pm - just trying to play it chill-like on the beltway. I hate traffic. Traffic means people can't drive and I don't understand it. I just don't understand how freeways can get backed up. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, JUST FREAKING DRIVE. Usually I have to back up at least another car length because I will get angry. The further back I am from the car in front of me, the more peaceful I get.

----If I'm not going to the barn, I'm finally home. The evenings are usually the dog, me, and hubs hanging out. Dinner is quick and painless. We might walk Ollie or I might take him on a run. Depends on the weather. In bed by 9:30/10pm---

5:55pm - I finally make it to the barn.

6:30pm - Dassah had dinner an hour ago so she's all happy in her belly and I tack up with little fuss. (little being: only minor faces at me: grooming her girth area, gently placing the saddle on and  grabbing at the other end of the girth).

6:35: Make it to the indoor or outdoor. They're across the street so it's a little hike to get to them. Nothing big though.

6:36-7:30 - we work. Either it's a lunge and a ride or just ride. We might: flat or work on our dressage, school over jumps, cruise around the fields and hop over some xc jumps. Who the hell knows.

7:45 - back in the barn. Dassah gets a rub down and put back in her stall. I scurry to grab all my tack and throw it back in the tackroom (in an orderly throw, of course).

7:50 - Chat it up with the BO and barnmates.

8:00 - look at the time. Gotta go! Dassah gets an apple (I bite off pieces and we alternate getting a piece).

8:20 - I realize on the way home I need greek yogurt and soymilk for tomorrow (I always seem to need greek yogurt and soymilk). This turns into a mini-shopping trip to the grocery, as usual.

8:50 - Honey I'm HOME! Ollie is ecstatic to see me and Frank is meowing for food. Hubs is usually watching tv. I scarf down cereal for dinner and an hour later we're in bed.

Lather, rinse, repeat.


  1. haha love the morning routine

  2. Replies
    1. no :(that's my fail. called it the beltway bc I couldn't think of another name for it- it's nothing like the real Beltway. It does look like a belt cutting across the city though. I didn't want to use freeway twice in one sentence


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