Things I want.

I know, I know. Post overload.

I just have to end on something better than winter misery. So how about looking at pretty things?

(the post about my day was already in the works, so it doesn't count)

Dear Givers of Horse Presents/Santa/Birthday-Gift-Givers/Hubs/Mom/Dad/In-Laws/etc,

This is very belated but if you are listening/reading, here's what's on my list. (these are SmartPak links but GHP/S/BGG/H/M/D/IL - you can get them from whatever store pleases your hearts.

  1. Micklem Bridle OR PS of Sweden Jump Off Revolution Bridle. 


Jump Off Revolution
     2. These field boots: Size 9, Slim Calf please!

Tredstep Donatello Field Boot

    3. These breeches. 28R - Beige or Smoke. or both!

Tredstep Symphony No. 4 Nero Knee Patch Breech

Would also like any of these guys available at New Vocations

Or any Dartmoor or Foundation Morgan you come across!


  1. Window shopping is always fun. :-)

    In a world where my horse can wear a flash without having an absolute snit fit about it, I would be ALL OVER that bridle.

    1. You are singlehandedly going to turn the equestrian world into PS shoppers!

  2. hahaha yep - i'd like one of each too please!!! (tho i already have the tredstep boots - da vincis - and breeches - love them!)

    1. Oh good! Glad to hear a positive review!

  3. New Vocations FB page will be the death of my one day! So many pretty ponies!!

    1. hahah - I send them to my husband periodically so he can breath common sense into my horse-crazy brain

  4. get the 2nd to last boy. he's too cute! and I really really really want a Micklem too!!!!


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